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About Us

Script Ohio:  The Ohio Writers Project was produced by sixteen Kenyon College students enrolled in the seminar Culture Work:  Creating with New Media.  Working in teams, students completed archival research and fieldwork into five Ohio writers and analyzed elements of the material culture, history, and social and geographic landscape that influenced them and their literature.  In turn, these investigations informed their production of five 8-10 minute documentary videos introducing the life and legacy of each writer, a short video interpretation of a poem or prose passage for each, a hypertext introduction to a major work, and an annotated bibliography and directory of resources.  Gathered into an exhibit dedicated to each writer, these multi-media texts comprise the digital exhibition.  

 This project was supported by a Mellon Digital Storytelling Grant, and with generous technical assistance from Jenna Nolt (of Kenyon LBIS), Ashley Butler, and Joe Murphy (of Kenyon CIP).  “Script Ohio” is a trademarked phrase of the Ohio State University and is used with their kind permission.

 Sherwood Anderson

Jessie Alperin ('18) is Comparative Literature major and an Art History minor from Massachusetts. Jessie's favorite story in Winesburg, Ohio is "Mother."  In her life, she hopes to accomplish two simple things: 1) she wants to travel the world and 2) she wants to write a book on non-sense.

Harper Beeland  ('20) is an American Studies and English major from Tennessee. Harper's favorite story in Winesburg, Ohio is "Respectability." In his life, he hopes to accomplish two simple things: 1) he wants to travel the world and 2) he wants to write a book on common sense. 

 Paul Laurence Dunbar

Annie Bonello (’18) hails from Minneapolis, MN. She just completed her final semester studying English at Kenyon College. After graduation, she will be heading to Naples, FL to start a new adventure! 

 Samantha Culbert (’19) hails from Lynnfield, Massachusetts and is pursuing a double major in English and Psychology. In her work after college, she aspires to increase accessibility to and promote the importance of Early Childhood Education.

 Masen Colucci ('19) is a Film major and English minor from Bloomingdale, IL.  He plans to pursue a career in the film/digital media industry. 

 Tyler Raso (’19) is an English and Religious Studies double major whose love for dogs and chocolate is honestly an obstacle. His career aspirations include bringing children joy through poetry and dance.

 William Dean Howells

We are the William Dean Howells group: Gabi Healy English Major '18, Jacob Bozeman English Major '19, Elise Tran '19, and Lily Valentine English and Art History '19. Though Howells is no longer read as often as he once was, our research led us to appreciate the nuances of his life and work. We hope that our project helps you to do the same.  

 Toni Morrison

Clara Altfeld (’19) is a Modern Languages and Literatures major from Austin, Texas. Her favorite person is her mom. She aspires to have a dog one day.

 Heather McCabe (’20) is an English Major from South Burlington, VT. She likes to bake bread and hopes to pursue a career in book production or journalism.

 Sydney Telaak (’19) is a Psychology and Women and Gender Studies double major.  She is from Buffalo, New York but is deeply embarrassed about this. She likes long walks on the beach, large cups of coffee, and complaining about all the work she has to do instead of actually doing it. She aspires to hopefully graduate next year with honors in Psychology and, maybe, if she is able to get her life together in time, go onto graduate school to pursue something impressive that also pays well.

 James Wright

Herbert Matthew Dittersdorf (’19) is a Junior American Studies major from Chevy Chase, Maryland. He is interested in the history of American literature, media, and the arts and hope to pursue a career in media and communications after graduation

 Jacob Gusentine(’19) is majoring in English and Film.

 Jack James (’18)  is an English and Economics Major at Kenyon College. He is from Cincinnati, Ohio.

In the sound booth